Q: Can you reconcile with your divorced wife?

Very often after a divorce people begin to wish that they hadn't made the decision to separate. A lot of men want to know if it really is possible to reconcile with your divorced wife. After all, a divorce is a very big deal and seems to be so much more permanent than a regular break up.

But the good news is that it isn't too much harder to reconcile with your divorced wife than with a former girlfriend. Since you have so much more of a history together than if you had just been dating or even living together, it will probably be much easier to reconcile with your divorced wife and get her to return your calls-- and then score a date with her.

Want To Reconcile With Your Divorced Wife?
Don't Do This...

Even though she may say she hates your guts (and that's actually a positive sign!) she's gone through a divorce proceeding and realizes that this kind of break up isn't as fast and easy as simply packing her bags and moving out.

You need to make sure you approach her in the right way if you want to reconcile with your divorced wife and be successful at it. You don't want to appear desperate or needy, or pull any tricks to get her to listen to you. For example, you might think she'll call you back if you leave her urgent messages saying it's an emergency, but trust me, she'll see right through that.

Make Her Go Crazy For You

The key factor in getting back together with your ex wife is to make her want you. You will only reconcile with your divorced wife if she feels that you are desirable and that she may have made a mistake in going through the divorce. Then she'll come to you.

If you're starting to think that it sounds like it will be too hard to manage to reconcile with your divorced wife, don't worry.  Human nature is universal, and there are little psychological tricks you can use to get her in the right frame of mind.

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